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New Distributors Opportunity - Important Distributor Information

Distributor opportunity

Information for  
New Distributors - also called IBO (Independent Business Owners)


Upon registration as an Independent Business Owner (BO), you will get:  

  • A business kit with product catalogues, profit plan book, registration forms and other business support materials. 
  • 100 Rebate Points (RPs) that will allow you to get huge discounts on products and bid for fantastic prizes in an online auction.
  • A website where you can buy products and introduce new Independent Business Owners, 24 hours a day.  
  • An online office where you can track your sales and purchases and watch your business grow.

Reminder: EARN a special incentive, a massive Rs.4,000 Startup Profit Offer! 

This one-time offer is given to you during your Independent Business Owner registration. To opt for this offer, you would have already fulfilled the 1st requirement by purchasing at least 1 of the Special Starter Sets during your registration. Here are two important reminders:  

1.  Fulfill the 2nd Requirement: 
You need to make sure that the total eV generated by your own purchases and the purchases of any of your directly introduced Indian Independent Business Owners is at least 600eV within your first 3 calendar months (the month you register plus the next 2 months) in order to qualify for this offer.  
Example of ‘your first 3 months’: If you registered on 30/03/08, you have until 31/05/08. 

Since you already generated 50eV from your 1st Special Starter Set (or more if you purchased more sets), you just need to generate another 550 to hit the 600eV target and earn Rs4000..  

Example: Here are a few ways you could achieve the next 550eV:

  • You could do 550eV worth of purchasing yourself.
  • You could introduce 11 other Independent Business Owners who each also get 50eV from their 1st Special Starter Sets. (12 sets x 50eV = 600eV.)
  • You could buy another Special Starter Set and introduce 9 other Independent Business Owners who also buy 2 sets each (generating 65eV each).
  • You could buy 7 Special Starter Sets and introduce 3 other Independent Business Owners who buy 8 Special Starter Sets. Each Independent Business Owner’s 1st set contributes 50eV and subsequent sets contribute 15eV. (50eV + 105eV x 4 = 620eV.)

2.   You have 3 calendar months to take advantage of great discounts by purchasing the other Special Starter Sets (one of each type that you haven’t purchased yet).   

Special Starter Sets - IMPORTANT INFO 
During your first 3 months, you are entitled to buy Special Starter Sets of popular products offered at a much higher discount than usual. Each set will only cost you Rs.2,200 and the MRP value will be higher than Rs.4,000.  

The first set you buy will generate 50eV!!. Reminder: You must not miss this!! Remember to buy the first set when you sign up. Any subsequent sets you buy will generate 15eV each. You can purchase as many of these sets as you want (during your first 3 months), but you can’t purchase the same set more than once and only the first set you buy generates 50eV.  

FREE DELIVERY for your Special Starter Set Purchases!  Any Special Starter Sets purchased (up to the allowed maximum) will be delivered free of charge. Please note that in order to enjoy the free delivery, you are not allowed to combine your Special Starter Set purchase with products of other price types.   

Annual Renewal

To continue to enjoy the benefits as an Independent eCosway Business Owner, you will need to pay an annual renewal administration charge of Rs. 600. You will receive 40 RPs when you renew.  

Product Catalogue

Your browser may not support display of this image. 

  • Each product has a unique product code that is used for ordering.
  • Each product’s Maximum Retail Price (MRP) is shown in the product catalogue. The standard wholesale price is discounted 10% from the MRP.
  • You can use your Rebate Points (RPs) to purchase products at 20% discount from the MRP (details on next page) or you can purchase certain products in bulk to get even deeper discounts, up to 35%.

Prices and eVolume (eV)  
Product’s Maximum Retail Prices (MRP) are clearly displayed on the product catalogue. You can also refer to the Price List included in your Independent Business Owner Kit or at any sales centre.  

Rebate Points (RPs)
You can use 1 or 2 RPs to enjoy 20% discount on the product’s Maximum Retail Price (MRP): 

  • For products with MRP of Rs.200 and below - you need 1 RP to purchase 1 or 2 products at 20% off.
  • For products with MRP of Rs.201 to Rs.600 - you need 1 RP to purchase 1 product at 20% off.
  • For products with MRP of Rs.601 and above - you need 2 RPs to purchase 1 product at 20% off.
  • Your latest RP Balance will be indicated whenever you place an order online. You can also check your RP balance in your Online Office.  
  • For orders made at a sales centre, the RPs earned and used will be shown on your invoice.  
  • 1 RP is awarded for every Rs.500 based on net value in a single tax invoice (even if the invoice includes discounted items). 
  • RPs can also be used to bid for fantastic prizes in the online RP auction.
  Registration and Placing Order  

      You can register or place orders through any of the following modes: 

    • At any Sales Centre

      Currently we have two Sales Centres, one in Bangalore and one in New Delhi.  You may visit any of these Sales Centres for registration or to place orders. (Please refer to our address on page 5.) 

    • eCentre
      You may contact your leader if you would like to register or place orders via an eCentre.  If you are interested to operate an eCentre, please contact us for more information and application details. 
    • By Courier (please refer us)

      Demand Draft is the only payment mode allowed for transactions by Courier registration.  Demand Drafts must be dated before 26th of the month and received before the 1st of the following month for the profit calculation in the same month. If a Demand Draft is dated before the 26th but is only received after the 1st of the following month, the eV generated from the transaction will be counted in the following month s profit calculations.  All Demand Drafts must be in the name of  Cosway India Pvt. Ltd.  payable at Bangalore from any Nationalised Bank. Demand Drafts from Co-operative & Gramin Bank are NOT acceptable.

    • By Phone, Email or Fax (for placing order only)

      You may refer to the Price List, write down the product code, quantity and price types (Distributor Price, RP price or certain selected items for Bulk Purchase Price) which you would like to purchase, and place the order by phone, email or fax (please refer to our contact details on page 5). The ONLY payment method accepted is credit card. Please be prepared to furnish your credit card details for the transaction.

Online RP Auction

You will be able to use your RPs to bid online for exciting prizes once the RP Auction is launched.

All you have to do is to bid the highest number of RPs and you win the prize. If you are not the highest bidder and you do not win the item, the RPs you used for bidding will not be deducted from your account. You can use these RPs for purchases or to bid in future auctions. Please refer to the auction “Rules & Regulations” and “How it works” online for further details.
Your Website & Online Office

After you have signed up as a Independent Business Owner, Your eCosway website is located at ID.

For example, if your Independent Business Owner ID is ND123456, your eCosway website address is:

To access your Online Office, log in at ID using your ID and “normal” password. For example, if your Independent Business Owner ID is ND123456, your online office URL is:   


The first time you log into your online office, you will be asked to change your “normal” password and to create your “secret” password. Your “normal” password gives you access to your Online Office and allows you to make online purchases. Your “secret” password gives you access to the “My Profile” section of your Online Office which contains your personal and banking information. 

Profit Payment 

Profits for any particular month are calculated and finalised during the following month and profit payment will be made on the 15th of the month after. For example, if you registered on January1st, profit calculation for your January sales would be finalised in February, and your profits would be paid on the 15th of March. Your profits from February sales will be paid on the 15th of April, and so on. We require time to consolidate all sales volume (eV) from different countries, according to the no breakaway feature in our marketing plan. After the first payout, you’ll be getting a regular payout on the 15th of each month (as long as you have generated profits). 

A monthly income statement will be sent to you if there is business activity for your account.  

To comply with Indian taxation laws, we advise you to get a Permanent Account Number (PAN) as it will also be required by eCosway if you generate any profits.  

All monthly profits will be subject to deduction of tax at source(TDS) as per applicable rates under Income Tax Act. 

If you give us your bank account details (upon registration or in the “My Profile” section of your Online Office), your payment will be made by bank transfer. If you do not give us your bank account details, your profits will be paid by cheque.  You can deposit this cheque into your bank account or use it to purchase eCosway products, on the condition that the total purchase amount exceeds the cheque amount. (You will need to pay the difference.)   

If you choose to receive profit payments by bank transfer, we recommend that you open a bank account in either of our preferred banks, IDBI or HDFC Bank to avoid bank charges on transactions. Please note that bank charges will be levied when you transfer profits into banks other than the two mentioned above.  

You can update your bank account details in your Online Office or by contacting Customer Service.

Sales Centres

Details listed are accurate at the time of printing. Please refer to your eCosway website for the latest list of centre locations and operating hours.  


The largest MLM company in Malaysia.
Established with track records .... 28 years.
It has penetrated into countries like Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hongkong, Australia.

End of the year 2007 coming to India. Korea and Japan coming soon.
Office under renovation in Bangalore, be ready by end of October, 2007.


Products are imported from established manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world .... USA, UK, Switzerland, Canada, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, India, Jordan and etc.

Presently we have more than 3,000 items of products........ home care,
personal care, skin care, toiletry, food, beverages, nutritional, herbal, fashion, water filtration system, car care......

Every month eCosway adds new products. We have promotional offer and bargain buy all year round. The price is affordable.

eCosway marketing system

Every month the business owner will receive a promotional catalogue informing them what are the new products for the month
and with offer price and bargain buy. The stockists will share the products knowledge to your business owners.

We have online reward programme whereby you can use the redemption points for discount purposes or to bid for free gifts.

The Marketing Plan

eCosway marketing plan is the best in the MLM industry because.....
" no breakaway " the calculation of the profit is based on the unlimited level of your whole group sales volume.

The pay out on the profit is no ceiling. That mean, increase in your group sales, your income will be further increased.

The income you have achieved one day is transferable to your next of kin....legacy.

Market Potential

1. New market,,,pioneership
2. Huge population.
3. Economy getting better and better.
    Buying power has increased.
4. People are looking for opportunity to better themself financially.

Our marketing strategy

Meet up with my upline .. Mr KK Ng
He will share with you how to earn one million rupee a month
and for every month. The income you earn is stable and long term.