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Independent Business Owner:
Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan,
Australia, India

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India - e Centres and Stockists Information

Stockists wanted

Opportunities open for eCenters and Stockists in India, Indonesia, Australia. Condo Stockists wanted - in Malaysia.

Further information on i) E Centres and ii) Stockists (BOSC).

i) What is an eCentre?

Any eCosway Independent Business owner can choose to be an ecentre. He will assist people who do not have a credit/debit card to sign up as IBOs online.

What are the requirements?

The eCentre must deposit an initial fixed amount of money with eCosway India Pvt Ltd. He will then use that as capital like a e-wallet to assist new distributors to sign up online. He collects money from the new sign up, and use his eCentre capital to transfer and make payments for the sign up process.

Who should apply to be an eCentre?

We encourage anyone who is keen in the business to be an eCentre.

How to apply?

Please fill in the form here

ii) Stockists (or BOSC - Business Owner Service Center)

1. Must be able to build network.
2. Husband and wife team is preferred.
3. One of them must be full time in the shop.
4. Be able to speak and write english.
5. Have a pleasant personality, friendly and approachable.
6. Willing and happy to share  products knowledge to other eCosway Business Owners (BO).




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