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Latest News:
2011-Enagic Inc of Japan - products enter Malaysia and Singapore,

2010- Best opportunity for Hot New Business Opportunities: Maakoa Now in Malaysia., eCosway USA to Open in Los Angeles.

Wanted - MLM Stockists in Indonesia, Multi Level Marketing, Bisnis Online.

Update: India MLM opportunities.

Featuring Top 50 MLM companies in Malaysia. Special reports on the following:
Monavie .
Usana usana range
4Life Research 4life transfer factor
Vemma Juice vemma range
Gano e Worldwide reishi

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A Top MLM company from Malaysia is expanding worldwide. Now announcing the opening of the business in the Australia (October 2007) the India markets on 15th May 2008. This offers a ground floor, pre-launch business opportunity for you. We have positions for Distributors (Network builders called Independent Business Owners), eCentres and Stockists (See Centers here).

Internet based business opportunity for Independent Distributors; eCentres and Stockist who provide great off line support.
Our Business Model


Stockists wanted
There are opportunities to support and grow your Network marketing business as a Stockist. Details here


The top company (launched in 2002) is a rapidly growing international company with headquarters in the prestigious golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Sales Centres located throughout Asia and Australia.

Mixture of Internet marketing and Off line support

The top company business model is hybrid of internet marketing with strong off-line support and referral marketing - catalogs & promotions, distributors, eCentres and stockists. This form of marketing is particularly suitable in our Asian countries where there are a lot of people who are interested in Network Marketing (MLM) - using off line, face to fact encounters and the power if the Internet to assist people to purchase online.

Its unique Marketing (likened to an MLM) business model provides lucrative opportunity for Distributors called Business Owners and high quality, competitively priced products for consumer Shoppers. This involves Suppliers, Shoppers and Business Owners.

Our business leaders are travelling to India to share the business opportunity and share their experience building the top company business.

The top company (is a subsidiary of its parent comapany ,which was founded in 1979), is a member of a top conglomerate in Asia that has companies and investments in several major sectors, such as: Property Investment & Development, Hotels & Resorts, Gaming & Lottery, Financial Services, Consumer Marketing, Retailing, Vacation Time-Sharing Travel, Food & Beverage Establishments and Education.

The top company has been awarded "MSC Status" by the Malaysian government for its contribution to the growth and development of information technology and e-commerce in the region.



Latest News and Updates

May 2011 - Melaleuca in Malaysia.
Mar 2011 - Aviance a division of multi billion dollar Unilever on global expansion.
Enagic Corporation of Japan..

Nov 2010 - After Shaklee opens in China, next to open in Indonesia.

Oct 2010 - Malaysia Direct selling to reach RM10 Billion

June 2010 - List of Top 50 MLM Companies in Malaysia.,

May - Usana - essentials, nutrimeal, proflavanol , biomega and other products.

usana range

Jan 2010 - Monavie Launch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4life transfer factor
4Life Research

Nov 2009
- Ganoexcel International re-engineered for 1 World 1 Plan MLM Program: Gano e Worldwide

Feb 2009
- Wanted - Dynamic individuals to be eCosway istributors and Stockists in Indonesia.

Product Testimonials

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Stockist wanted in Indonesia
New Stockist centers in India.

Our Team Leaders are committed and will be in India in Dec 2008 and also in 2009.

Archived News

The top company Team Leaders Now in India 17th May till June 2008
Please contact us to arrange meetings.

Launch date:15th May 2008:

8/5/08: The managing director of The top company announced that the launch of the India market will be on 15th May 2008.

Sales Director Visit: The top company Trainer from the USA, Ms Stephanie Davis will be visiting Chennai, Bangalore, on 19 and 20th March 2008.

The top company Leaders visi to India
Our Team leaders are expected to be in India in May 2008. Please contact us to find out more