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Agel - Gel Suspension Technology

Agel - Gel Suspension Technology Nutritional Products

Agel leads the health supplement revolution with incredible convenience,amazing flavor in their products. It is the first company to introduce the innovative delivery Gel Suspension Technology of nutritional products to the market.

Agel's Gel Technology is a major improvement in the method of delivery for vitamins, minerals and other important health food supplements. Gel suspension dramatically facilitates ingestion of the supplements.

It provides a convenience that allows for optimal nutritional efficacy. And, it optimizes the bioavailability of the nutrients that are suspended in gel thereby maximize their effects on the body.

The well known 'MLM Legend' Randy Gage is distributor leader with Agel which is the first company to successfully launch business in 12 countries at the same time. 

The three key factors affecting the effectiveness of nutritional supplements are as follows:

1. The absorption time.

2. The quantity of each nutritional component.

3. Bioavailability.

Agel ™ scores favorable points on all three. These factors are reinforced by the technology that was created, what is called "Advanced Technology Suspension Gel." This process patents, the adding of nutritional supplements, consists of whole fruits and herbs in a gel for better absorption by the body. Besides being more convenient and comfortable, has a wonderful taste.

They are convenient, easily transportable and can be carried in the pocket. These innovative products for health, to give doses of energy, vitamins, minerals and more. Gelceuticals are products of "rapid action" for immediate absorption. Unlike capsules, pills and shakes that require our bodies dissolve before absorbing nutrients. The nutritional value found in the Agel product line has been tested worldwide, in a nutshell: our nutrients suspended in gel are the future of nutrition.


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