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Kangen Water - Pioneer and Leader

Kangen Water - Pioneer and Leader in the Alkaline, Healthy Water industry - Now in Malaysia and Singapore

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The market creator of healthy alkaline water for drinking is a company called Enagic of Japan. The company is a manufacturer and Direct seller of alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines.


Enagic Kangen is a Japan based company which is the leading manufacturer for alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines. These machines are use to process the tap water into pure alkaline and healthy drinking water.

Alkaline ionized water is derived from mild electrolysis to balance the pH level of the water. It is serves as antioxidants and healing agent.

Kangen is a Japanese word which means return from origin.

The company believes that direct sales marketing business model, individual & independent distribution and utilizing hard working are the main core for a more effective method of business in the present’s economy.

The main purpose is to spread the word of truth throughout the world. The company corporate philosophy relies on three basic principles.

1. To realize true physical health;
2. To realize true financial health, and
3. To realize true mental health.

Moreover, when a person commit on this product, one should be responsible on finding all information about the corporate, manufacturer, quality products, customer service efficiency and their philosophies.

Its management philosophy “True Health of the World” not only relies on physical aspect but also into financial and mental state. As the Enagic Kangen believes that when one of them is out of balance, the other two will surely decline. An example is when you are having financial difficulties; you think about it every now and then, you will be in stress. Due of your financial instabilities, you work hard and your physical health might be neglected.

Other example is when you are physically unhealthy and you might be rich. But due to illness that attacks you, your mind will set negative thinking as you pitied yourself. You might hold on to drugs that comfort you; then your financial will come as you need to spend for your medication as you might not work properly.

If you are mentally unhealthy, you cannot control your emotions or the outlook in your life. As the mind controls the body and so physical state will be jeopardize. And as aforementioned, when you are incapable physically, you can’t work properly which may result of being unproductive.

These three needs to be in a healthy state to achieve success in life and that what’s the company believed.

To improve the quality of products, the Enagic Kangen management are expected to master the highest level of technology and the proficiency in the processes of development, production and supply. The management must bear in mind that this is for human beings like them who want to attain the level of health in order to slow down the processes of aging and or illness in order for them to be more productive individual.

Kangen management follows four mantra :-

1. Customer First – to communicate with them and maintain a more careful and precise communication in providing them of the right product.

2. Technical proficiency and collaboration – to maintain Enagic’s highest level of quality product, the management improves by collective strengths of company’s skills and financial stability. The management does further research for quality improvement.

3. Kaizen – the management believes that there are room for development; they strive hard to improve themselves before they can improve their products. They accept trials and challenges to further improve their weaknesses.

4. Compliance – the management does not go against the rules. They go about the rules and regulations of any ministry and comply with necessary documentation. Work ethics and customer relationship ethics are been set in pursuit of progress and improvement.


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