Shaklee | The Shaklee Nutritional Products Malaysia, China, Philippines

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Shaklee | The Shaklee Nutritional Products Malaysia, China, Philippines

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Shaklee business opportunity in China

The Shaklee opportunity is a genuine business opportunity that has existed in the world since 1956 when the founder Dr Forrest C Shaklee (picture) started the business in America.

Today the opportunity has spread through out the world to several countries including USA, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Canada and Taiwan and now China.

China allows for "direct selling" but has been and is currently still "MLM" or "network marketing" is considered taboo. You see, China is new to the business model but has not been spared the problem of pyramid schemes which wreck havoc to whole nations, like Albania.

How Shaklee China all started

Anyhow Shaklee under the visionary leadership of the CEO Roger Barnett (since 2004) has managed to get into the China market, along with such established giants as Amway, Herbalife and Nuskin.

Shaklee received the license to operate in China on March 23, 2007, and the company started business in Beijing in January 2009.

"The launch of Shaklee China represents an incredible next step in the process of expanding Shaklee around the world," says Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett. "We believe we will make a significant impact in the health and lifestyle of many, many people, as well as the planet, through this expansion, and are delighted to welcome China to the growing Shaklee family."

Joseph Lee is the General Manager for Shaklee China.

Shaklee has invested millions of dollars in China through establishing two manufacturing facilities, a flagship service center, 18 pick-up centers throughout Beijing and corporate office. The same high quality products in the US and other markets are available in China including, Vita-lea®, the Cinch® Weight Management line, NutriWhite® skin care line, and Get Clean® nontoxic, natural, home care products.

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